Amie Meleshkewich, E-RYT 500 & CPT
Owner of Flow to Fit Yoga, LLC

Amie began practicing yoga fifteen years ago.  After her very first yoga class she experienced an immediate sense of relief and realized that yoga was the answer to a more peaceful, balanced life. In February 2010 she received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification and became registered with Yoga Alliance. In July 2012 she became a

Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Mat Instructor as well. In 2019 Amie received her 300hr certification from Down Under School of yoga.

She teaches Vinyasa flow-to-fit style classes with strong emphasis on building functional strength and flexibility.  A typical class begins with a warm up, then core strengthening, followed by a creative but thoughtful flow through poses.  Classes finish with balancing practice and guided relaxation or meditation.  The entire practice is centered around building functional strength, correcting muscular imbalances and posture, and improving balance. This not only enables students to perform everyday tasks with ease, but also helps prevent and avoid injuries.  

Amie specializes in helping those recovering from an injury, surgery or dealing with chronic pain.  She gradually increases the intensity of each workout to build strength slowly and mindfully preventing re-injury and setbacks. 

She has attended countless workshops and trainings with a variety of yoga instructors such as David Swenson, Seane Corn, Kathryn Budhig, Tao Porchon-Lynch, Erik Kipp, Shiva Rea, Elena Brower, Gwen Lawrence, Natasha Rizopoulis, Jason Crandell, David Life, Anna Forest, Sadie Nardini, Hala Khouri, Amy Ippoliti, Beryl Bender Birch, Rodney Yee and Mark Whitwell to name a few...

In 2017 she received certification for Traumatic Stress, Healing & Resiliency with Yoga.

Amie is also a member of the Newtown Yoga Festival Volunteer Committee.

In addition to being a dedicated yogi, she enjoys running, hiking, traveling and training in Krav Maga. She has completed a Tough MudderSpartan Beast and many other trail runs and races.

Amie believes in treating the whole person; body, mind & spirit and that consistency and support are the two most important factors in achieving and maintaining health and happiness.

Corina Robert, E-RYT 200

Embracing an ongoing status as a student of Yoga, Corina offers classes that weave all the elements of Yoga together - the body, mind and breath.  Her personal journey of transformation and self-investigation combined with a love of ancient teachings enhance the class experience.  Connecting yoga practice to life and having the opportunity on the mat, to be present, to observe with clarity - can be a guide to experiencing growth, new possibilities and a new self.  Corina has shared yoga  with diverse groups:  transitioning rehab patients back onto the mat, after school programs for children, integration with school sports training and one-on-one private sessions.  Corina enjoys teaching in New York and now to her new community here in Southbury, Connecticut.

Corina teaches a vinyasa flow style classes which offer well-rounded asana sequences connected through the breath. Postures include Sun Salutations, standing & balancing postures, seated & reclining poses and core strengthening.  Corina help you to understand and refine the alignment of postures and gain greater physical awareness, strength, endurance and flexibility. 

To learn more about Corina visit her website at yogaseed101.com

Missy Carta, RYT 200

Fitness has been a core part of Missy's daily life for as long as she can remember.  Her regime included a lot of running, supplemented with Pilates and various cardio routines.  Missy did Yoga on her 'rest days' for a good stretch.  It wasn't until she was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder in 2014 and her therapist pushed her to do yoga more consistently that she discovered that Yoga is Magic.  It is more than just moving and stretching the body.  When practiced with consistency it changes us physically and mentally, allowing us to live the best version of ourselves.  Yoga is the whole package.

The mental and physical benefits Missy experienced from Yoga have been transformational.  Yoga has helped improve her performance in running, golf, tennis and most importantly in LIFE.  It has inspired her and continues to teach her to be present and mindful.

Missy completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in March 2018 and is registered with Yoga Alliance.  Missy is grateful for her teacher and all she has taught her and will continue to be a life long learner in this practice. 

In Missy's Vinyasa Flow classes she hopes to pass on the passion she has for yoga with creative and functional sequencing with sprinkles of inspiration along the way.  Her hope is for you to walk away from your mat feeling energized from a workout that has built strength and flexibility and that you'll carry over the mindfulness learned on the mat into your everyday lives.

To learn more about Missy visit her website yogawithmissy

Michele Paniccia, RYT 200

Michele started taking yoga several years ago as a way to bring healing and balance into her life.  After raising her two children - seeing them off to college and beyond, she decided it was finally time to make her wellbeing a priority. She was hooked after taking just one lesson - and has never looked back.

Michele received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification from Flow to Fit Yoga, LLC.  She teaches a vinyasa-flow style; focusing on core strength and stability. Her classes range from a slow-paced gentle flow to a faster-paced power flow.

Mary Kokoska, RYT 200

As a multi sport participant and healthcare provider (Nurse Practioner). Yoga became a part of Mary’s life when seeking out stress-reducing activities while recovering from Cancer.  She came to realize through the practice of yoga that the multiple physical, mental and wellness benefits can be applied across a persons lifespan.  That anyone and everyone could benefit from.


Utilizing the Vinyasa practice of yoga with an integration of core bodywork. The focus and themes to her classes are to work not just the physical body but also a student’s inner energy and spirit as well.  A challenging and positive experience that leave a person, wanting more. 

She continues to enjoy and challenge herself participating in open water swimming, triathlon and charity biking events.

Zoe Allard is a life long dancer and mover. She has been teaching Barre Fitness classes for 4 years in the Greater Hartford area as well as dance throughout the state for the last 10 years. Zoe is a classically trained ballet and modern dancer and enjoys educating others ages 3 through adult in various forms of movement.


She is a founding member and Assistant Director of Moxie Dance Company and Assistant Director of Premier Dance School. She has performed with Moxie Dance Company, Sonia Plumb Dance Company, and the Woodman Dance Project.


Zoe's teaching philosophy is formed around positive community interactions to reach individual goals. She encourages her clients to challenge themselves in class while smiling, laughing, and encouraging each other. 

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