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Flowing to Fitness, Body, Mind & Spirit...

About Us


Flow to Fit Yoga is Southbury Connecticut's leading yoga studio and yoga school! We offer group and private yoga, Pilates and strength training.  With emphasis on proper breathing, mindful movement and alignment we can help you build strength, increase flexibility, improve cardiovascular health, lose weight and manage stress.  

We specialize in working with those suffering from chronic pain, recovering from surgery or injuries.  Our approach is to work slowly and cautiously in the "pain free" zone until you reach your fitness goals.   We also focus on techniques that alleviate chronic disorders, such as depression, pain, anxiety and insomnia.

We do not require any long-term commitments, or contracts and strive to keep our services stress-free and affordable.

​See Classes Schedule pages for more detailed information or visit our studio, conveniently located right off of Main Street in Southbury CT (134 Main Street South - Bennett Square).  

The studio is newly renovated nestled down in back (behind Kumon) in a quiet area with ample parking.  The desire was to create a light, airy, open environment with modern minimalist design so that clients focus remains on what is most important, their practice.




At Flow To Fit Yoga we believe in mind and body wellness. We know that health is not just about physical fitness.  Practicing yoga is not only beneficial for our bodies, it can also help reduce stress and lessen the effects of many common mood disorders. Most importantly yoga teaches us to stay present in the moment which promotes calmness and a solid sense of self that leads to feelings of inner peace and happiness.


The benefits of a consistent yoga practice are far too great to list but suffice it to say it will improve your performance in any activity including, but not limited to, LIVING. 


Through yoga and exercise we become healthier "wellthier" in body, mind and spirit. The healthier we are the happier we are. 

So come Flow your way to Fit with us.  You won't regret it.  We promise!


So happy I found this yoga studio! Love the classes , and as a new Mom they have really helped with my anxiety . So welcoming and just a nice community of people . The classes are always challenging but doable. Wish I could make time to go everyday! ~ Katie L.

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Flow to Fit Yoga, LLC     134 Main Street South (Bennett Square)    Southbury CT 06488      203-910-3141

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